Mahasivaratri - Kaveripattinam

Sivaratri celebrates the convergence of siva and shakti, the "Mayana soora Thiruvizha" is a festival dedicated to Angalamman [a firerce guardian deity worshipped widelu in Southern India] and is celebrate the small village of kaveripattinam , the day after Mahasivarathiri [the great night of lord shiva ]. Kaveripattinam is a panchayat town in krishnagiri districts in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu .On this day tens of devotes can be seen at the temple .The festivals stands out because of "Kaliakam". personification of godess Kali.This transformation of kids ,men and women is done by painting their faces and adorning attire like Godess Kali. Once they are ready, they hide their faces till they reach the temple and worship the godness. There are other who express their devotion by having various parts of them pierced by metal spear, knife or hooks that are used to dangle them. They parade around the village till evening.  

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